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RENSON, trendsetter in ventilation and sun protection, develops innovative solutions and concepts, which improve the living conditions of people and at the same time cut energy costs. Through the intelligent combination of ventilation and sun protection, RENSON offers a complete range of concepts for a healthy indoor climate in residential housing, offices, conservatories, schools, hospitals, etc.

This Belgian independent family company was founded by Polydore Renson in 1909. At that time, RENSON specialised in parts for opening and closing doors and windows as well as metal windows. Since 1950, RENSON has changed from steel towards aluminium. Since 1982 Paul Renson has been managing the company with a strong interest in R&D, innovation, marketing and communication. RENSON’s product range includes window ventilators, louvres and continuous louvre systems as well as sun protection elements with aluminium blades and screens.

Today, RENSON has changed from an aluminium processing company to a knowledge based company. It counts about 460 employees and has grown constantly during the last years. This growth is based on a couple of elements:

speed limit on innovation thanks to an extensive R&D department

oService and quality to the direct customers

oCreating healthy spaces: saving on energy consumption without putting your health at risk
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