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TNT Headquarters

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Interface carpet is installed in the TNT Centre, one of the most sustainable offices in Europe. The new TNT head office in Hoofddorp is built to a large extent from recycled materials and complies with very high sustainability requirements (LEED Platinum certificate and Greencalc+ score of 1005 points). This means that the building meets the wishes of TNT to become the first CO2-neutral post and courier firm in the world.

Architect firm Paul de Ruiter and interior design firm Ex Interiors were engaged to achieve this ambitious project. Architect firm Paul de Ruiter and interior design firm Ex Interiors were engaged to achieve this ambitious project.

The first emission-free post and courier firm in the world. That is the ambition that TNT is aiming for. To achieve this far-reaching goal it is not sufficient to ‘simply’ follow the statutory rules. TNT has to demonstrate responsible leadership and put in the effort to make a permanent difference. ‘Planet Me’ is the name of a holistic environmental program that formed the fundamental principle of the environmental ambitions of the TNT
Centre. Ambitions that focussed on improving the CO2 efficiency of all of TNT’s operational activities, both internally and externally. And this of course includes accommodation.

Ex: ‘When searching for a sustainable carpet we looked at the products of various carpet suppliers. The carpet sector is already well advanced in the field of sustainability and recycling. In the end the product qualifications of InterfaceFLOR were the best match for the sustainability requirements set by TNT. We then worked with Interface to develop a special TNT carpet, consisting of recycles yarns. The colours in the carpet are closely harmonised with the other interior materials and colours. The carpet tiles are not attached to the sub-floor but are fitted with TacTiles, a new way of fitting carpet tiles without definite bonding or damage to the sub-floor.’

Odette Ex, from Ex Interiors: ‘Delivering sustainable premises was a major requirement but so was the specific guiding principle of connectivity in the design. A place where staff can feel at ease and where they are stimulated in a positive manner. The building had to become a place where sustainability and connectivity go hand in hand.’

Photography: Oliver Schuh

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