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The use of fossil fuels is something most of us take for granted. But while they touch our daily lives in a multitude of ways, they also have a shadow side. They pollute, and they’re running out fast, leading to an uncertain future for our world. Shell is one of the most familiar producers and suppliers of fuels. So it’s fortunate that Shell, one of the pioneers in this business, also has ‘another side’: maximising the benefits of the disadvantages. In the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (STCA), 1300 people are working together in a 80,000 m2 high-tech complex to improve the current processes related to natural gas, oil and petrochemicals and develop new technologies for sustainable products.

Fokkema Architects passed the ball to Bolidt, and ultimately it was Shell itself who rolled this ball through the entire technology centre. Fokkema Architects wanted a Bolidt synthetic floor for the interior areas, where colour and structure play a large role. No sooner were Shell in contact with Bolidt to discuss the job, than Shell turned out to have more
on their wish-list: could Bolidt also install suitable floor systems in the laboratory areas, restaurant and kitchen? For Bolidt, installing a high-quality floor system is no harder than baking a cake, so the answer was clear. However, the stringent list of requirements that promptly followed was typical Shell: safety above all else. Shell and Bolidt were in complete agreement. The Bolidtop® 910 CHR was laid in the largest part of the lab areas, and at Shell's request, specially modified to yield a finer structure. The original coarse structure of this system did not match the desired ambience, and was also unsuitable for Shell’s cleaning method. The Bolidtop® Stato 500, a conductive floor for static electricity, was laid in several storage areas with a heightened risk of explosion. The restaurant is delighted with its Bolidtop® 525 design floor, and a tough HACCP-compliant Bolidtop® 700 floor now lies in the kitchen. Just when the job seemed done, the folks at Shell had one more thing up their sleeves: the concrete floor in the parking facility was a great annoyance to the many employees who motorcycle to work. The surface was much too slick, and people were regularly sliding out when riding in bends and on the ramps. Although it was not part of the agreed work, Bolidt was asked to supply a permanent solution for this safety issue. A warm welcome thus, for the Boligrip® 1250 system…
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