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The shape of breeze

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The house is located in the hottest area in Japan during summer. There is humid and high temperature. And temperature may exceed 40 degrees. Because of that, almost houses have an air conditioner. However, since the client doesn’t like cold winds from air conditioners, he wants to the comfortable house without an air conditioner. In the beginning, to make air easily flowing, we put boxes like tunnel to divide yard into south and north. In hot summer,not to sunlight brighten the room, we adjusted “eaves”, “wall” and “wing walls”, and had windows leaning to get more breeze. It is considering bringing pleasant, obstructing surrounding eyes, to have windows leaning. And then we had ceiling leaning to enlarge the breezes into the room. In cold winter, the sun orbit is lower than in summer, so that sunshine light in the room. As white floor and leaning ceiling reflect light, sunlight reaches in the recesses of the room. When designing the breezes flowing, we got Shape of “Ojigi(a Japanese bowing with his whole heart)”. That figure spread
mellow lights the indoor and the outdoor. During the day, you can delight in the beauty of contrast between lights and shadows. During the night, you shall be enchanted by the mellow and elegant gradation of lights. last summer, Japan recorded the hottest summer. But the client told us happily “winds flowed through the rooms, I had comfortable times in last summer”.
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