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Inserted into the complexity of an ancient industrial estate and confronted to a historical patrimony, the new Museum is resonating to the existing static condition of the site with dynamism, movement and evidence.
In the architectural work the section reveals the non-visible. In the Museum the section is shown through the translation from horizontal to vertical, from inside to outside, from the foyer to the roof-landscape-garden.

The old and the new, the exhibition spaces and the other activities connected with it are at the same time articulated and specifically distincts. In the system of transition in which the new contaminates all around, every part wins a complex clarity and becomes attractive.
The roof surface is a landscape. It is a projection surface of the art trail below. It creates an abstract continuity.

It’s an abstract art garden. This landscape terrace is offered to the visitors of the Museum and to the city. It offers multiples textures under the feet of the visitors: roughness, deepness, smooth, softness, density, brightness, matness…The central volume of running water is there for refreshing the air.
Sand, gravels, smooth limestone, bright surface of water, gramineous… the landscape terrace becomes a place of calm, freshness and sensual textures.

The exhibition room, by its nature and the courses and flux introduced inside is a landscape. The all Museum is as a runing space, from the public space to the private space to the public space in a continuous fluidity.

In opposition with the dynamism of the spaces around, the exhibition spaces are perceived as more neutral. They are developped in a non regular, but simple, space given to the artists, offered to multiple ways to exhibit : hanging, suspending, floating, on/in the floor…
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