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Seden House is home to 40 young people who live side by side in separate apartments with support from teaching and administrative staff.

The main idea for the building is the wellbeing for the occupants. Common facilities are located in the heart of the two-story building with accommodation wings that stretch out to both sides. Architect Company A/S Hune & Elkjaer in Aarhus designed Seden House in close cooperation with the developer, Odense Municipality Older Handicap Division.

Seden House’s colour scheme is very deliberate and well thought out, both inside and out. To achieve their vision the architects specified Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® from Tata Steel supplied through CBS Nordic as a Sinus façade panel in four colours; Aztec Yellow, Chili, Poppy Red and Bamboo.

“The flexibility of the pre-finished steel allowed the panels to be mounted to the desired curvature of the building without any damage to the pre-finished steel” Niels Chrisian Nielsen, Hune & Elkjaer Architects.

It was due to this distinctive use of colour that gained Seden House the “Color Award 2010 for residential services”
from the Danish Painting and Kirsten and Freddy Johansen’s Foundation. The prize is awarded to projects where the colour scheme is turned into an important and prominent part of the project and how it promotes a certain behaviour among the users and challenges users’ senses.

“Seden House is characterised by a well thought out use of colour. The orange, red, yellow and light Brown hues in the exterior panels around the oval hall visually link the interior to provide reassurance and experiences for residents. Smart, well considered and well executed” said Ole Draborg, director and committee member of Danish Painting.

In the public spaces, which are primarily designed to move in, colours have been used to break the architectural scale down especially the long corridors.

“It is important to create a physical environment that supports our citizens well being. At Seden House there is an impressive visual look with bright colours, which get you in a good mood. In all ways it is a thoughtful construction.”Karin Justesen, Secretary, Seden House.
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