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SAP Headquarters

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SAP is the leading software provider in Europe, one of the three largest software companies in the world and market leader in the field of business software solutions. SAP Business Suite enables people and companies to improve relationships with customers and partners, streamline their operations and achieve substantial efficiency gains in their supply chain.

The new SAP headquarters and training centre for the Netherlands is located in ’s Hertogenbosch on the A2 near Rosmalen. At the end of 2007, the approx. 400 employees moved into the new building. The office building is a shining example of innovation and efficiency, two characteristics that suit the global market leader in business software solutions excellently.

Striking elements that characterize the design by Kraaijvanger Urbis include a large transparent window offering passing motorists a view of 5 storeys inside the building. Other outstanding features are the corbelling out of the 2nd floor and the choice of natural stone for the façade, which is clad in Chinese basalt.

SAP’s kitchen has been fitted with the Bolidtop® 700 system and other spaces, like the hall,
restaurant and hallways with the Bolidtop® 525 Deco system. The latter floor finish has a fresh appearance due to the unique combination of sparingly sprinkled Bolidt Decoflakes and a principal colour on the one hand and its seamless character on the other.
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