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RUG Research Laboratory

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An all-round tour de force in heart and soul, that is how the University of Groningen (UG) can be described with full right. Not only in terms of education, science, quality and devotion, but also in the area of architecture and design. A university aimed at academic teaching and research, with so many bachelor and master degree programmes that your brain is reeling. Next to that the UG owns a library, a language centre and a Centre for Information Technology (CIT). With such a supply and resolute “high standards” a stimulating environment can and should not be lacking.

One of the educational buildings of the UG is the research laboratory, a building with a unique architectural design. The order for this design was entrusted to architect Ben van Berkel, known from among others the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam and the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. With the large new build project of the UG there was a specific search for modern architecture, focussed on imaging and it was found thanks to the creative ideas of Van Berkel. A
from the outside austere, tile-like building without windows. The roof is completely made of glass, causing an extraordinary lighting effect. The two stairwells of the laboratory are also covered with glass in the form of cones. The floors and walls around the glass stairwells had to become the same colour. Practically this meant one colour per storey which, spread over the total amount of storeys, had to flow over from yellow to red. Colours that have to remain bright for years, day in day out. Next to that all the floors needed to fit seamlessly to the wall finishes. Durability, hygiene, quality and colour- and wear resistance were therefore of great importance.

Bolidt was the one to fulfil the university’s wishes. A decisive factor to cooperate once again was that Bolidt can apply its floors through and through. In addition Bolidt is able to let the floors and walls flow over in the exact same colour and material. A suitable application has especially been developed by Bolidt to achieve the intended floor and wall finishes as well as to make sure they would comply with the requirements regarding maintenance and hygiene. Throughout the building several flooring systems are applied that seamlessly flow over in the walls which at their part perfectly connect to the ceiling. A remarkable, nice detail for Bolidt in this project is that Bolidt has taken care of more wall than floor finishes.

The UG can teach its students some new knowledge: Bolidt, No limits!
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