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A dream plot: idyllically placed at the edge of the wood, with a wonderful view over fields, trees and meadows. The house opens to the surroundings with terraces and loggias facing three directions. The layout, however, was a special challenge for architect and owner because building regulations demanded a one floor structure and the compliance with a minimum distance to the edge of the wood. The long side of the building with its crystalline ashlar points to the East. With deep recesses through loggias and terraces, the upper floor lies just below the legal limits of the floor concept and was therefore not considered a full floor. A visual parallel is provided by the “recesses” of the generous, floor-to-ceiling window areas to the lower floor. The West facade, looking towards the neighbour is, in contrast, largely closed. The room has been designed to make best use of available natural light. To the South the dining area forms the centre of family life, to the North the living room offers a beautiful view of the landscape. In the centre of the house: the open kitchen with an abundant space.

The kitchen concept is in accordance with the open architecture of the house. The design scheme of the interior is divided into three parts: Tall units with glossy white lacquered fronts and the built-in appliances are framed flush with front, shelves stretch above the length of the floor units while the high plinth lends it a floating appearance. The horizontally veneered oak fronts radiate warmth and echo the solid breakfast bar at the kitchen block with a view to the outside.

The various living areas in the ground floor flow into each other and are only distinguished by their respective furniture. The connecting factor is the continuous floor cover of large rectangular slate titles. The colour ambience in the whole house is based on the neutral colours white and grey. Homely accents are provided by the kitchen and bathroom furniture on the ground floor and by the floor covering to the upper floor.
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