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Rehabilitation of housing and commerce building

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It is a functional rehabilitation of housing and Commerce building, built in 1962 and located on Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar nº 104, in Lisbon and was directed by MLeP, lda, under the coordination of the architect Marisa Lima.

The building consists of basement, ground floor and eight floors high, being the last indented, and where the ground floor intended for commercial use, the draft amendments have been made to promote full functional rehabilitation of the building, adapting the interior spaces and creating 13 building units for housing and 1 store in the ground-floor.

Structural reinforcements were introduced in the system resistant to provide the building characteristics that correspond to the current demands in terms of comfort and the regulations in force.

Replaced all the networks of infrastructures, which allowed the introduction of new features that ensure efficient response to building consumer demands through the acoustic and thermal energy systems introduced, taking into account the standards of comfort environment that fires today.

From the outside, was introduced a thermal insulation system, being the West façade protected by an exterior shading
system in aluminum blades that provides a distinctive outer image.

The façade, in opposition to another, was handled so as to give greater lightness to the set, showing guards in toughened glass, and alternate openings, with a view to integrate the image of urban environment where it operates.

The apartments feature a differentiated image of unmatched quality associated with an excellent level of natural lighting in compartments.

The floors are hardwood interiors of sucupira as well as the carpentry, which imposes an image of sober features, sanitary facilities covered with limestone or marble stone white.

The false ceilings present materials that guarantee an excellent acoustic feature, which allows an excellent standard of comfort and quality of the apartments.

Was introduced a vertical circulation core with two lifts, and which serves all floors of housing from the hall.

Vehicle access to the cave is done using a Builders ' cars, and the main access lies flush with the road and is made from the Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar.
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