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Picasso Lyceum

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The Picasso High School is a top school. Whether it concerns teaching, coaching, after school activities, formation of classes, excursions: it is all just top class. The firm belief of the school governors in the personal talents of each child results in education based on TOP: ‘Talenten Ontwikkelen tot Prestaties’ (Developing Talent into Performance). One afternoon a week, the students break away from their regular class and regroup into so-called culture, sports, ICT or science ‘top classes’ specifically tailored to the special interest or possibly the biggest talent of the student. This special programme includes active outings and challenging assignments. In addition, the students can set their own pace: subjects can be studied at a faster rate, there are special hours available enabling students to put in a little extra effort to avoid or improve on unsatisfactory marks and it is even possible to take exams early. The Picasso High School has the only Leonardo class for secondary education, which exclusively consists of highly talented students. They also have their own curriculum.

Ector Hoogstad Architects and
the school decided on an overwhelming interior, which is particularly vibrant in its colours. It does not take much imagination to see the school as an enormous work by Picasso, with a unique use of colour and lines. Mention the word colour and Ector Hoogstad will say synthetics. Mention synthetics and Ector Hoogstad will instantly say Bolidt. Synthetics can be used for all sorts of purposes and it is Bolidt’s experience that even architects tend to underestimate the possibilities. This is not true of Ector Hoogstad; he has seen enough of Bolidt’s work to dare to think big. Just as big as Picasso, who once said: “Nothing can be created without loneliness”. As far as Hoogstad is concerned, Bolidt occupies a lonely position at the top of the list of suppliers of high-quality flooring. Colourful synthetic flooring, in this case. The Bolidtop® 525 system has helped to create another imposing environment, which fits into the mix of incentives that the students need to Develop their Talent into Performance. It is not the physical aspect of the flooring systems that is registered in the mind, but the thoughts of the architect and the school behind them. Again in character with Picasso, who also said that he did not paint what he saw, but what he thought. Bolidt does not put thoughts to canvas, but into flooring. Bolidt has been dedicated to developing its talent into performance for 45 years already!
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