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Passive house Kortijs

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There is a house in Kortijs, and a very special one at that. Architect Wim Van Laer has designed a passive house with an exceptionally low sustainability factor. The story behind what at first appears to be a rather simple, yet thoroughly well though-out and innovative project can be summed up in just one word: simplicity. The passive house owes its particular character to the dark grey structure that is completely finished in Rockpanel Colours facade cladding.

The high energy performance is achieved with the help of Rockwool insulation. The final result is a magnificent whole within which form, finish and functionality blend together perfectly.

Maximum minimum
“The passive house in Kortijs is designed with only one ambition in mind: to build a house with the sim- plicity of life as the guiding principle,” explains architect Wim Van Laer. It was clear right from the beginning that it had to be a house with a simple volume, a contem- porary spatial experience and an open character. I am a keen enthusiast and admirer of the Japanese building philosophy within
which space and material are put to optimal use in order to create simplicity.”

Space, light and functionality
The passive house in Kortijs is a so-called hybrid house; a mixture of concrete, fast construction elements, wood, Rockwool insulation and facade cladding. “Rockpanel was an obvious solution,” says Wim Van Laer. “Rockpanel's light weight is unique in the market. It is very easy to work with and it gives a perfect result. ...

It was the ideal material for the sleek finish that we were looking for. And we went a long way with this. The panels are incorporated pretty much seamlessly as the material easily allows this.

With its stone-based origins, Rockpanel hardly expands, even less so than concrete. The monolithic look that we wanted was created by attaching the panels with as few seams as possible.”

Ready for the house of tomorrow
House-building is increasingly evolving towards compact, functional houses with a sustainable character. The passive house in Kortijs is one of the forerunners in this trend. Rockpanel also makes an essential contribution to this development.

Wim Van Laer gave Rockpanel and Rockwool a high score when it came to sustainability, due to the solid, timeless, weather-proof qualities of the products. “The Rockpanel material is very efficient. Mineral wool is a pure material with volcanic origins that naturally withstands the ravages of time. Increasingly higher demands will be made of the nature, quality and sustainability of construction materials. I firmly believe that Rockpanel and Rockwool are ready for the future.”
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