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Passiefhuis De Kroeven

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The Aramis Housing Corporation in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, is spearheading a new approach to building design with its ‘passive houses’. Three show houses have been developed by Aramis and all are finished with cutting edge façades using Rockpanel boards. What makes a passive house different from other forms of housing is its combination of optimum interior temperature and very low energy consumption. It provides home owners with an ideal environment of comfortable interior temperatures whilst at the same time reducing energy costs. Rockwool and Rockpanel offer sustainable product solutions which fit seamlessly with the passive house concept. Rockpanel’s sustainable and cutting edge products allow the designer to give a passive house the right look and feel to meet the design vision.

Architectural firm Han Van Zwieten on the choice of Rockpanel: “Monotony is something we want to avoid at all times. Passive living is a way of living, or rather a standard of living, with a future. That should also be apparent in the architecture and the decoration. For our project in the De Kroeven redevelopment district
we decisively chose Rockpanel. Three corner houses have been equipped with bright red Rockpanel panels using the Easy Fix principle. The colour can be custom-supplied. But the durable nature of Rockpanel also appealed to us. It is 100% recyclable. That too is the future...”
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