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This project belongs to the series of pictures of Munich, done during 2012.

Differing from previous projects, this one is presented in a Video format, in an attempt to link all the variants in one single space, easier to perceive or understand by the viewer.

NHDK is an exageration of everything I've done before...

The 3D geometry that's been necessary to recreate is by large much bigger than previous projects, the amount of images is also much larger. So, when dealing with huge amounts of information it was important to constraint yourself to some sort of limitations.

Limits are an easy to understand concept in reality, but in virtuality they just simply disappear, so it's important to be aware of that.

The choice of 88 images responds actually to this fact. This is the exact amount of Piano Keys and, as I used to be a piano player when I was younger, which I had to drop in order to attend to college for my architecture studies, I thought it was time to offer a little homage to that forgotten musical part of me.

The building has been chosen for its outstanding scale in relation to its surroundings, for its central position and for its total irrelevancy in the history of architecture.
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