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The project is based on a design strategy which is partly mimetic, partly intrusive. This choice is due to the necessity of intervening with a contemporary design in a delicate and layered context such as this one. The design proposal resets the interrupted scenography of the seventeenth century Villa della Regina in Turin, answering in the meantime the request of having a box supporting all the current and the future activities of the existing museum.

The shape of the building is organized around a functional core made of reinforced concrete which guides the circulation and the services, rejoining the old dismantled paths. In comparison with the redundant atmosphere of the context, the new building has a geometrical, balanced and minimal shape, respectful of the architectural alignments and the perspectives of the place. The wooden claddings to the facades fade in the colours and the materials of the surroundings and match with the rhythm of the vineyard, the park and the designed nature around. The reflecting façade - design element which is discordant as well as syntonic with the context - mirrors the garden and the villa and represents the link with the important tradition of the site, with the Baroque background, with the Court life with its ambitions and its miseries.

The additional service areas follow one another with consistency and fluidity running side by side with a perceptional path amplifying the surrounding context, framing the landscape, suggesting and leading the view in different directions: towards the villa, the gardens¸ the city of Turin and its Mole, the vineyard and the Belvedere terrace.

Client: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Designers: Paolo Cesaretti, Antonella Dedini, Guendalina Di Lorenzo, Enrico Pinna, Paola Aimo
Assistant Designers: Cristina Coronilla, Melina Argyriou, Hasan Cil
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