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molo Installation at Maison and Objet in Paris, 2013

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This past weekend, molo unveiled a custom installation of kraft paper softblocks built to an unprecedented height of 5 metres at Maison & Objet in Paris.

softblock is part of molo’s soft collection developed by Directors Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen. The soft collection makes use of lightweight materials – papers and textiles – to create a system of modular partitions, seating, and lighting. Flexible honeycomb elements of various heights, colours and materials may all connect to one another, simply and seamlessly, with concealed magnets to create continuous lengths.

softblocks and softwalls have been used for everything from elegant and flexible stand alone room partitions, to temporary outdoor dining tables; from sound dampening backdrops for theatre performances, to acting as a speaker themselves; and from subtle room accents, to modular blocks combined to create an entire structure – as molo has done here, in Paris.

Inside the towering softblock walls, molo made a retreat for visitors to the exhibition, offering them a place to sit, rest, and recollect under a delicate canopy of cloud softlighting.

Aside from being a testing
ground for new products and new ideas, Maison & Objet is, of course, an opportunity for designers, architects, dealers, and the general public to learn about and interact with designs from molo’s collection. It was a great pleasure meeting so many individuals who are passionate about design, and molo is happy to announce that we will soon have new Official Dealers in both Eastern and Western Europe.

Whether running fingers across the rippled kraft paper softblock walls or unfolding and morphing an urchin softlight, visitors to the Maison & Objet exhibition were taking full advantage in the tactile nature of molo’s installation. It would, at one moment, encourage individual contemplation and then, in the next, act as a backdrop to an excited gathering of complete strangers, united together by a mutual curiosity.

By enclosing the space (but for a few openings) from the rest of the bustling exhibition, Todd MacAllen and Stephanie Forsythe’s design for the molo installation created an intimacy and freedom which, in turn, nurtured interaction and discussion.

The development and implementation of these unique installations, is an effort molo undertakes to continually push, refine, and expand the boundaries in which our products – softwalls, softblocks, softlighting, etc. – can be considered and used. molo’s soft collection is designed to both stand alone as individual products and integrate together as building blocks to create a larger whole. At Maison & Objet, guests were privy to the extreme breadth of what can be done with a modular system that is, really, only dependent upon one’s imagination.

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