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Moerdijk Bridge

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The Moerdijk Bridge connects the Dordrecht island and North Brabant over the Hollands Diep and is one of the busiest bridges in the Netherlands. Due to the increasing mechanical loads caused by the daily lorry traffic transporting cargo to and from the harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam, the steel road foundation of the Moerdijk Bridge is subject to crack formation. Over the past few years, the length of the cracks and the frequency with which new cracks formed, has become truly alarming.

After several inspections, the Construction Service of the Department of Public Works decided to deal with this problem by applying high-strength concrete. This implies that the asphalt is removed from the roadway first. Next, the steel foundation inspected for cracks. If possible, the cracks are welded up. If this is not possible, then the capping is replaced. After this, the surface is sandblasted to Sa 2.5 and then the most important part of the renovation begins: applying the Bolidt primer, the epoxy binder and the calcinated bauxite. Bolidt has developed a special epoxy binder
for this, Boligrip® W/MDB.

The primer, the Boligrip® W/MDB adhesive layer and the calcinated bauxite make the concrete bond to steel. The adhesive layer also prevents chlorides and salts from penetrating the steel and thus has excellent anti-corrosive properties.

In order to shut out the weather the work takes place in a conditioned environment (tent).

The work is carried out in accordance with a safety, health and welfare plan drawn up by Bolidt, which has been discussed in detail with the contractor and the Department of Public Works. The testing, recording and reporting are performed by the Bolidt Technicum.
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