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Mirror Covered Display

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At the current stage of civilization man appreciates not only body care but psychological and physical state of his organism as well. And the bathroom, which was firstly planned to satisfy hygienic needs, today is perceived by people differently, as they spend more and more time there.
Nowadays architects allocate large spaces for bathrooms, planning houses and other buildings. Though bathroom is considered private and intimate place, where only the members of family can enter, architects design and furnish it in correspondence with the latest fashion tendencies, trimming this tiny private area with various decorative elements.
Perhaps no one can argue that today Jacuzzi has become the integral part of each civilized person’s life. But this item has already lost its luxury meaning and hint as it used to be before, becoming standard issue of everybody’s life. People start to spend more and more time in bathroom, taking care of their hygiene as well as relaxing their tired bodies after hard working day.
This innovative, pioneer MCD device is just what is needed and
indispensable for You in Your contemporary, comfortable bathrooms. This device makes every second you spend in your bathroom unforgettable, accompanying Your procedures with pleasant music and relaxing videos. Combining mirror and monitor, MCD allows men to be aware of latest news while shaving and gives women opportunity to watch fashion or cooking shows while doing make-up.
But it’s not all! MCD can find its unique place in many other corners of your apartment also, such as halls, living rooms, bedrooms and so on.
This eye catching device is going to become one of the most favorite items for architects and interior designers. As you see, physical and functional combination of two most important and indispensible items of contemporary interior – mirror and LED monitor - makes it really possible to manage additional useful space in rooms, emphasizing modernity and individuality of interior.
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  •  ANIMA Bathroom Installations
    • Watch relaxing videos and listen to sweet melodies after You take shower.
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