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The design is a concept whereby a sustainable relationship with the local economy, culture and natural heritage is central. The hotel assimilates with the natural habitat of the island. From the point of the arrival by airplane, the unique experience that Dominica has to offer turns the conventional airport-to-hotel trip into an exciting excursion through the rainforest. Rivers, mountains, sun, rain, waterfalls and exotic plants merge into an all pervasive green embrace. This overwhelming relationship with the nature is the point of departure for this project. Historically men have sought basic shelter, either against weather or for protection against animals or enemies. The cave in the mountain was one of the fi rst forms of architecture. The concept of comfort has since evolved to a sophisticated level often to the extent of luxury. For many people luxury is a predicatable matter of expensive materials and overcharged fi nishing. As Dominica is a different destination meant for people of discerning taste, the concept of luxury as linked to nature should be examined in a deeper sense of well-being. Being able to understand why comfort is needed is the most successful way to enjoy it. Our concept of luxury goes back to the origin, being the one that unveils the reason why this primary comfort has been sought. Getting shelter when a sudden rain starts, staying in the shade when the sun gest too strong, rushing tot the sea when the heat slams, having a fresh breakfast after waking up hungry, falling asleep tot the sound of the waves when stressed, glaring at a sunset after a fulfi lling day. Real pleasure comes from real needs. Making nature evident will make architecture stronger. The goal of the project is to create a dialog with the presence of the existing: the nature and the village. The main characteristics of the site are: the presence of the beach, the thick foliage all along the beach, the long and thin plot, the road running along the plot, the topography from fl at to steep, the river and ravine and the proximity of Mero village.
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