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This house from 1936 is surprising by its height, much more important than houses from the neighborhood. The cover (roof and frontage) has to be renovating because of massive thermal losses. Moreover the owner finds his house to big and wishes to rent a part of it. So the mission is to reset up reconfigure the inside and rethink all the external cover, which means proposing a new architectural expression.

The project proposes to build two large eaves on the Northern and the Southern frontages, like two wings of a plane. This would create a great shady terrace on the South and a covered place on the North. Those large eaves are drilled in order to let the light pass and constitute a « cannon of light » that is oriented depending of the sun. This solution offers a protection from the heat during summer but also allows enjoying the sun during winter.

Frontages are constituted of a simple horizontal cladding made of grey wood. A particular attention is paid on the treatment of window frames. Their angles
are oriented in accordance with the solar run. Slants of window frames have small wooden grooves, a simple difference with planks constituting the cladding of the frontage. This treatment refers to the one for the classical buildings from the 20e century, to the architecture of Scarpa and to the old cameras.

Inside the house, the most consistent intervention is the creation of a new apartment (2 floors) in the Northern part. In the principal apartment, apart from the displacing of the kitchen into the Southern part, only modest works, refreshing walls, floors and ceiling, are engaged.
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