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Project info:
The Challenge: BORELLA ART DESIGN, PARIS, designed the new offices in Boissy for THE FRENCH NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE. The client wanted to express a particular care for his employees, asking the interior architect to create a lounge room where they could meet, rest, debate, in an informal way, at their lunch, or break during the day. Place where they will restore themselves, rest and feel good and comfortable.

The Design Concept: For this project BORELLA ART DESIGN, PARIS, looked for something strong : link with the nature, emotional journey. The most important feature was to create a special poetic universe that tells the visitor a story in a set where he will be the actor - always remembering this journey as an unforgettable moment combined with the resources of nature.

The result: In the 2000 sq meters open space of Boissy, 100 sq M. was created for lounge room as an invigorating space with natural but contemporary environment. The lounge room is like a trip in the undergrowth, in a style of scheme of a
silver birch forest.
Detail: The central kitchen evokes an “isba” in the middle of the forest. 3form Varia Ecoresin Bear Grass divides the space, and echo's the nature. The Bear Grass contains herb germs that reflect the vertical trees that mark the kitchen space, enhancing the presence of the natural scenery, within the modernity of the concept.
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