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We worked with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association to design a number of site-specific installations in both the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Offices. The installations specifically recognized the generosity of Los Angeles Philharmonic donors. A flexible system of white acrylic tiles was designed to create a matte white cloud in the Disney Concert Hall lobby. The names of the donors were laser cut into the tiles. Because the system was composed of small units that are like the scales of a fish, it was able to adapt to the complex curvature of the wall that it is mounted on. It can also be easily added to in order to accomodate future donor names.

Following the success of the donor recognition signage in the lobby of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, we were asked to produce another installation in the main lobby of the administrative offices of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. A large shingled wall of individual linticular tiles creates a lively surface that changes color as one moves past it from the elevators to the reception area. A dedication composed by the former conductor of the philharmonic, Essa-Pekka Salonen greets visitors as they arrive. The dynamism and sense of joy enabled by the design are an integral part of building a unique and contemporary identity for the organization.
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