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Fogo Island Inn

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In summer of 2012 Dark tools contact us to see if we would be interested in working on this new resort hotel in Newfoundland. We had never hear of this island, but the people at Dark Tools sold us on the concept that Zita Cobb was trying to accomplish. It was an amazing experience working at such a distance to ensure that the entire team understood the manufacturing constraints of Canadian standards and for us to deliver the vision that Todd Saunders and his team had in mind.Sounds like a fun project, where is this Fogoz again? We were contracted to assist with all the decorative show pieces that were custom designed by artisans from around the world and produced in Canada with a great team of workers. We worked very closely with the design team to ensure that every piece was assemble and certified to Canadian standards, with their assistance many of the great pieces would not have been possible. We worked closely with the Architects to manufacture all the bedroom sconces and even went
to a local glass artist in Montreal to ensure that every fixture was entirely made in Canada. For the corridor sconces we worked with Fogo Island craftsmen to supply all the wooden components and then manufacture and assembled all the lighting components that make this dead elegantly simple design a work of art. The “Knotty” chandeliers in the dining room were coordinated with European designers as well and the local craftspeople and a lot of input and sub manufacturing from Arancia. We are very proud that Shorefast and the Cobb’s came to our little firm in Montreal and gave us the opportunity to help them build every custom piece that the Architect and design team had visioned. It was a great experience to proudly put the “made in Canada” label on all the items that we di for the project. We would especially like to that Kingman Brewster Nick Herder for taking the time to and the effort to work with us at every step. We hope to visit this Fogo Island one day.
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