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The Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam is the dominant landmark of the city of Amsterdam. It is a mischievous building with a cheerful tone. The new Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam was designed by BenthemCrouwel. “Whether you approach it from the north, south, east or west, the tower is a clear focal point. The challenge was to utilise the compact floor plan with a diameter of around 24 metres. The result is a slender silhouette building,” explain engineers Jan Bethem and Peter Kropp.

The first blueprints of Amsterdam’s new ‘landmark’ date back to 2006/2007, when BenthemCrouwel won a prize competition organised by the Municipality of Amsterdam with this design. The goal was to design a building that would mark the 'beginning’ and ‘end’ of the city as a landmark in this location.

4,050 m2 glass skin
In designing the hotel, BenthemCrouwel felt it was important that it not resemble an office building. The building designers also wanted it to have the look & feel of a work of art. The large round circles on the glass façade make it impossible to see from the outside how many floors are in the tower. To give the building a mystical feel, the architects created a spectacular 4,050 glass skin that ‘suspends’ as it were around the tower. This double façade facilitates the thermal management of the building. An insulating layer has been created between the glass skin and façade of the tower, making it less cold in the building in the winter and less hot in the summer. “The double façade also makes it a more attractive building, giving the tower a mysterious quality,” add engineers Jan Benthem and Peter Kropp.

Green Key
Fletcher Hotels feels very strongly about Corporate Social Responsibility. We express this through Green Key certification. Green Key is a well-known international eco-label for sustainable buildings in the hotel and recreation sector. This label makes clear that we make every effort to minimise the impact of our business operations on nature and the environment. This also means going a step further than the compliance required by normal legislation and regulations. The eco-label has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures implemented by the hotel, the higher the eco-friendly level. We are proud to announce that Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam qualifies for the gold Green Key label.

Energy and water savings
Examples of eco-friendly features of the hotel include water-saving showers and low-energy lighting, the use of soap dispensers, waste separation, an energy-saving room key system and lighting timers in hallways. We also use a heat recovery installation in the air treatment unit and the ceilings in the meeting rooms are cooled with cold water. Our purchasing practices also take into account society and the environment. This includes serving Fair Trade coffee, using chlorine-free copier paper and working together with our supplier, Hocras, to ensure efficient goods delivery and reduced road transport.
Enjoyment with a good conscience

What does all this mean in practice for you as a guest? It goes without saying that, during your stay, you will not be inconvenienced in any way by our sustainability activities. In our hotel, we have found an excellent balance between sustainable business practices and comfort. Knowing in the back of your mind that you can contribute to a better society and environment during your stay will hopefully make your stay even more enjoyable.



The interior of Hotel Amsterdam features natural, unique and honest materials that create an atmosphere that is both luxurious and minimalistic. The round shape of the hotel extends throughout its entire interior. This includes round seats around the piano, cylindrical glass showers and large round windows in the rooms with a diameter of 2.5 metres.
World’s largest chandelier

One of the largest chandeliers in the world – ‘the dream’ – hangs from the top of the hotel. An amazing four metres high and nine metres wide, it is suspended above the bar in the Pi Sky Restaurant in the dome of the restaurant.


The Pi Sky Lounge no doubt has a genuine showpiece, the Whaletone. This piano is a unique musical instrument over 4 metres in length that was designed by Polish designer Robert Majkut to mimic the shape of a majestic whale. The piano is made entirely of sustainable materials (no ivory keys) and part of the proceeds from every instrument sold goes to whale protection initiatives.

The hotel has a broad range of facilities to ensure a comfortable and care-free stay.

-120 hotel rooms
-Pi Sky Lounge with sky bar, live cooking and unique Whaletone grand piano
-Pi Sky Restaurant
-Covered roof terrace with fireplace and TV screen
-5 meeting rooms with modern conferencing equipment and fireplace, also suitable for private dining
-Fitness room
-Brizio Coffee Bar BY Fletcher Hotels on the ground floor
-Above and below-ground parking facilities (first hour free)
-Shuttle service to and from the city centre and Schiphol Airport, among other destinations
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