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Flehite Museum

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The Flehite Museum, although modest in floor area, treats its visitors to magnificent historical and contemporary works of art. In Amersfoort, Flehite is a big name, but despite this fame, the museum remains true to its setting: everything it presents through its permanent displays and changing exhibitions is dedicated to the (art) history of Amersfoort. A city, which is celebrating its 750th anniversary this year! Opposite the museum building is the Mannenzaal (Men’s Ward), the only remains of a late medieval hospital in the Netherlands, where the sick and elderly were cared for. It now is a prominent part of the Flehite where changing special exhibitions can be visited. The architectural firm Jonkman Klinkhamer could hardly wait to start working on the extensive renovation of the Amersfoort museum in 2008 and 2009. Not wanting to throw out the baby with the bathwater, the architects preserved much of the original architecture. The real architectural art was in combining this with modern technology.

For one of the exceptional ideas to achieve this, Jonkman Klinkhamer could bring a recent memorable,
very positive experience to the task. During the extension of the ‘Melkweg’, one of the leading pop venues in the Netherlands, the architectural firm managed to realize an unusual floor design. Although, strictly speaking, it was Bolidt that managed to realize this by somewhat going against the ‘nature’ of museum flooring. Jonkman Klinkhamer were so pleasantly surprised by the remarkable result that they enthusiastically and with full conviction called in Bolidt once more to create such flooring at the Flehite museum. The secret lies in applying the industrial Bolidtop® 500, which is rarely if ever used for aesthetic flooring applications in museums. The Bolidtop® 525 is a popular flooring system for this purpose. But Jonkman Klinkhamer prefers the special dark, high-gloss Bolidtop® 500 finish, which naturally develops a playful, dynamic scratch pattern. It looks like anthracite-coloured natural stone; its high gloss gradually dulls somewhat from the edges towards the centre. A perfect fit for the Flehite museum. The overall result is breathtaking. An additional advantage is that the museum is much quieter and more comfortable now. The former wooden floor produced disturbing noise, but with the new Bolidt floor, this problem has been completely eliminated.
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