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This project is to create a gallery and office-living space for a landscape architect by renovating a rental property of two-story wooden building located at a short distance from central part of Gifu city by Nagara River. Since this is a rental property, the renovation is focused on finishings of wall, floor, and ceiling rather than changing plan or section plans to create a space. The first floor will be the gallery and the second floor will be the office-living space.

Art works created by the landscape architect will be exhibited in the gallery. Therefore the space is required to achieve appropriate quality. The art works present a new type of garden by shifting the existing form of garden which will be like a device to bring in a garden to your everyday life. The materials to structure the space are fully considered to create an appropriate space for the art works. As a result, existing sash and frame, OSB plywood, cement panel, MDF board, black iron plate, black tatami, shoji (Japanese paper), brass, and mosquito net
are used. River stone garden is created by setting back the wall 800mm inside and wall of Japanese cypress is built to control one’s line of sight

Although the gallery space is considered to be in Japanese style, only shoji and tatami are used as Japanese material. It is not in so-called Japanese style, but in a way of Japanese style; back side of shoji is used as front and black colored tatami is used in a Ryuku Kingdom style. This might seem to be in irony, but it will be the catalyst to discover the feeling of Japanese style in the space that will enrich the way of life.

On the second floor, existing partition walls and hanging walls are removed to expose the structure. Lauan plywood is used for backing panel of ceiling and walls. Black ink (sumi) and one coat of white oil stain are used as finishing. Tile carpets are used for the floor material. Existing decorative plywood walls and replaceable fixtures are used as it is. The space is aimed to contain the disorder of existing parts, newly established parts, and furnishings for the office.

Hoping that diverse materials in many different relations will invoke complexity and depth into the experiencing space.

Garden concept

The office is located here by Nagara river , which is one of the beautiful river in Japan. Enzo gain most of his inspirations from mother nature of Nagara. The rock garden in the entrance is designed with hint of Nagara river, also the rocks used in the garden are from Nagara river. Enzo believes stones, washed by the river, carved naturally , there for we can feel of the time, from them.

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