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Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building, opened in 1931, is the world's most famous office building and attracts 3.5 - 4 million visitors each year. The architectural challenge is to upgrade the building's energy efficiency using sustainable materials and attain LEED® EBOM Gold certification upon completion. The upgrade includes a re-roof at various tiers from the ground up. Part of the roof was completed in late 2011 with the other areas scheduled for later in 2012. This project will convert various tiers of asphaltic roof systems into a valued vegetative green space in the middle of Manhattan, New York city.

Roof Assembly

-Intensive Vegetative Roof System and Paving Stones on pedestals
-Protection Course
-Torch Modified Siplast Teranap® (SBS elastomeric bitumen geomembrane)
-1" ROXUL MonoBoard™ Plus rigid stone wool insulation
-Leak detection grid
-Low rise foam 6" o/c
-2" Polyisocyanurate insulation
-Concrete Deck

ROXUL Product Installed

MonoBoard™ Plus is a rigid, mono density, bitumen coated, stone wool roof cover board with a uniform density that is suitable for roofing, re-roofing and recover applications.

Why MonoBoard™ Plus insulation was Chosen for this Project

MonoBoard Plus was used for its semi-rigidity as a coverboard
to protect the insulating layer, provide support to the waterproofing membrane layer, stability under wide temperature variations, fire protection and long term thermal resistance.

Benefits of ROXUL Insulation

ROXUL stone wool insulation, has a long term stable R-value, is dimensionally stable, noncombustible, water repellent, non-corrosive, sound absorbent, will not promote fungi growth and is environmentally sustainable. ROXUL has achieved ICC-ES SAVETM thirdparty certification for recycled content on all products produced in the Milton facility. Containing a minimum of 75%, the facility is certified up to 93% recycled content.
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