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The house is located in a small plot near the beach of Gandia. The property is located diagonally into the lot looking for a perfect orientation, to maximize the solar radiation in winter, and avoid it in summer.

The house has a tripartite architectural structure, turning all spaces covered patio (greenhouse in winter, icebox in summer). This central space provides a vertical communication and architectural richness to the whole.

The users wanted a house that was completely self-sufficient, from an energy standpoint, and that in turn could generate a very cool in summer, and had no need of any type of heating in winter (the stove built into a wall load has a symbolic purpose).

The request was solved by providing housing a large glass areas to the south, and by providing a large thermal inertia, and a provision of walls thoroughly studied captors. Thus, housing can make the most of solar radiation (however little there is) in winter, and use it to create a greenhouse effect sufficient housing to ensure the welfare of its occupants.

These huge glass surfaces
are effectively protected in summer by shading combined system of various types, so that solar radiation directly and indirectly, do not heat the house. However, given that housing is designed to be a perfect solar captor, and given also the space requirements have extremely cool in summer, has arranged a cooling device, powered by photovoltaic electricity. The decision to install a mechanical cooling system is further reinforced by the client's desire to lower the maximum humidity in your home (the home environment is especially hot and humid). The property includes on its cover a set of sensors that provide solar photovoltaic 4 kw / peak, enough to feed this system and meet their energy needs few (as few appliances, and are energy efficient).
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