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Stratum Resin Flooring Ltd, UK partner of Bolidt Kunststoftoepassing based in The Netherlands, has completed a most prestigious flooring contract in England.

Como Holdings (UK) Ltd awarded Stratum a huge project to install their Bolidtop® 525 flooring system throughout their new showroom and administrative centre in Kensington, London, to accommodate Club 21's collections of clothing and accessories, including Armani Collezioni and Luella.

The floor had to provide a seamless, semi-flexible, attractive finish with sound deadening properties, capable of withstanding constant punishment from regular footfall. A distinctive colour was selected from Bolidt's wide range within the NCS Colour Collection. The floor's continuous finish served to enhance the sense of
space and light in the newly designed environment. Whilst the client had created dedicated spaces for each of their renowned fashion brands, the floor lends a strong overall harmony to the open-plan layout.

Bolidtop® synthetic floors offer the ultimate combination of technology and aesthetics. They are entirely seamless, highly attractive and stylish, ideal for intensive use and therefore highly suitable for Public Buildings including offices, entrance halls, showrooms, administrative centres, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, and theatres.
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