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Adidas Greater China HQ

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The project commissioned by international architectural firm PDM and the architects Simon Park and Thomas Danet presented a challenge, to say the least: Adidas had specified an overall interior concept for its new office premises in Beijing and Shanghai. The brief was straight to the point - deliver a creative and inspiring work setting in the least possible time and on a tight budget. Bolon was a central part of the solution for the Shanghai office, where the best-selling Bkb collection was used to highlight, create cohesion between the department areas and achieve openness.

The Adidas Group is a global brand giant with five business segments. The Group comprises the adidas Sport, adidas Originals, adidas Neo, TaylorMade Golf and Reebok brand names. An important specification for the offices was to distinguish between these business segments yet maintain the overall image, the general Group feeling, in the new office environment. Furthermore, Adidas and the team in charge of the project had placed extremely high standards – tailor-made solutions
were to permeate literally every square metre of space. ”Each brand required its own specific meeting solutions or specially adapted work settings. To sum it all up, every single square metre of space required a unique design solution,” says Simon Park, chief architect at PDM International.

Simon Park goes on to explain, ”The common theme for our concept was communication and relationships. Each brand would have access to variations of formal and informal solutions, depending on what their particular, typical ”world” looked like in relation to organisation and customer type”. The strict brief from the client was also a key guiding tool throughout the design process, and the high standards required by Adidas were literally actualised during the process of the project, both aesthetically and strategically.

”We quickly realised that this was not going to be a run-of-the-mill project. So we transformed typical office spaces into co-working spaces to increase integration between the teams and to stimulate interactive and dynamic workflows,” says Simon Park. The use of natural light and a more general open setting also created a climate for more effective communication. We also created natural dynamics between individual solutions and a greater sense of integration, for example using shared, connecting zones. ”Bolon provided us with a key part of our solution. We love the material and the design for its timeless quality, its depth and special texture. Compared to hard floor coverings, the excellent wear resistance and sound absorption of this flooring was also a determining factor,” says Simon Park in conclusion.

”We love the material and the design for its timeless quality, its depth and special texture” - Simon Park

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