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10 Hills Place

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Amanda Levete made four glass cuts in the façade of the office building at 10 Hills place, one of the many narrow side streets of Oxford street in London. Like funnels, they let the daylight fall deep into the office.

The façade is both striking and sculptural. Curved profiles form the basis of the construction, a building method used in yachting for building hulls. Brass and grooves make a waterproof and constructive façade. A metallic yacht paint was used for the finish. There are gutters under the windows to prevent dirt collecting from the rain. The glass is self cleaning.
The ground floor is animated with color effects. The ground floor façade is made from different layers of glass with a steel net incorporated. The lighting from the rear creates a dynamic moiré effect.

Diagram references
1 Galvanised steel fin bolted on the main bearing structure
2 Round aluminium bearing structure
3 Aluminium profile brass and groove 140 mm
4 Structural tubing with fireproof coating
5 LED lights
6 Steel reinforced concrete floor
7 Rubber seal
8 Terminal profile
9 Stainless
steel finish
10 System ceiling
11 Polished stainless steel shoe
12 3-layer laminated glass
13 Perforated steel plate 1mm
14 Stainless steel gutter
15 Drainage
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