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Varia Zoom collection

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3form Europe

3form ZOOM collection: Stunning new designs for the Varia and Glass Collections.

Providing architects with creative building blocks to develop custom materials tailored to a project’s unique design concept. Re-thinking perspective with distinctly architectural designs. From close-up intimate detail, to large scale bespoke patterns, the ZOOM collection explores scale, reflection and rhythm playing with unexpected elements.

ZOOM has 3 distinctive points of view:
Rescale: re thinking perspective: from fibers -yarn- pattern with intriguing design and density
Reflect : glowing elements in metals that shimmer, reflecting light and color - playing with pattern and scale.
Rhythm: create with intriguing pattern, scale and order with distinctly architectural design.

About 3form Varia: Custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer, and finish of your material, Varia transforms into the perfect medium for your architectural application. Sustainable design with Varia - made with Ecoresin® with 40% recycled content. The 3form decorative Glass collection encapsulates surprising, dimensional elements within a material that shines with artistic possibilities. 3form decorative glazing can be customized for your projects.

Learn more about 3form Zoom and get free samples at
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