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stainless steel ring mesh

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Stainless Steel Wire Loop Mesh
metal ring Meshmetal curtain screen
ring decoration mesh
Stainless steel knitted wire mesh

Diamter of individual ring:12mm-20mmMaterial:Stainless Steel /aluminumWeight:2.2-3.2kg/square meter

Item No. Wire Diameter Ring Diameter Weight
YB-20-08 2.0mm 20.0mm 3.2kg/square meter
YB-20-37 2.0mm 20.0mm 2.73kg/square meter
YB-25-17 2.0mm 22.0mm 2.47kg/square meter
YB-20-39 2.0mm 20.0mm 3.2kg/square meter
YB-20 Camel color 2.0mm 22.0mm 3.2kg/square meter
YB-20 Dark brown color 2.0mm 22.0mm 3.25kg/square meter
YB-25-18 2.0mm 22.0mm 2.63kg/square meter
YB-25-71 2.0mm 22.0mm 2.63kg/square meter
YB-25 Camel color 2.0mm 22.0mm 2.63kg/square meter
YB-20-38 2.0mm 22.0mm 2.77kg/square meter
YB-30 1.0mm 30.0mm 3.05kg/square meter
YN-12 0.8mm 12.0mm 2.2kg/square meter

Stainless Steel ring mesh also named metal ring mesh are applied to cryogenic, high temperature, corrosive atmosphere, heat conductive, high usage, or special service applications.
widely used in slaughterhouse,aquaculture,poultry,public dining hall,super market, plastic,leather processing,spinning,clohthing,paper,wood,glass processing, laboratory protecting,policeman and other area protecting.

More informations please read our company website:
Monica 021-64827090/0086-18621099832
Skype: jinlvchina QQ: 97309802
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