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SE (Smoke and Heat Evacuation system)

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From the start, Reynaers has put a lot of effort in the development of sustainable aluminium solutions for the building industry. During the last couple of years the need for safety solutions has grown with our customers. To support this demand, Reynaers already developed fireproof windows and doors up to 30 min. and 60 min. of fire-resistance. To further elaborate its product offering, Reynaers has collaborated with D+H Mechatronic AG, one of the market leaders in the production and distribution ofcertified accessories for ventilation in the building industry, to create the Reynaers -SE range, one of the most complete solutions within the field of natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV)*
in the industry. The solution is compatible with most windows and façade systems of Reynaers.

When fire breaks out inside the building, smoke and heat pile up. This causes difficulties in finding an escape route and for firemen to rescue possible victims trapped inside the building. Furthermore, the heat in the building rises rapidly which results in a higher collapse risk and causing disruptive damage
to the building. The -SE solution of automatic smoke detection and smoke control consists of a range of operating devices. The system is activated when the alarm goes off, enabling the heat and smoke to be discharged creating better escape routes and thus saving lives and protecting the building

* according to EN 12101-2

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