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Caleido has been renowned for high quality and innovation for 20 years, and is deeply committed to seeking excellence in its products to respond to market signals and present its own view of the concept of warmth. The radiator becomes a true protagonist in any domestic environment, just like a fine sculpture, a multi-purpose furnishing accessory. Advanced design and focus on customer practical requirements are key concepts in the new products presented at Cersaie 2012. The company continues to collaborate with designers of international renown and has recently added to its collection of designer radiators two new ones created by Francesco Lucchese, called Rebel and Rude.

The constant search for innovative shapes and functions in a new generation of radiators focuses on the concept of radiating surface. Thus came about the idea of a cover, which, independent of the plumbing system, dresses the radiator and adds a new function – a heated shelf. A plain surface coupled with a system is a new, easy yet transversal concept for the public at large.

Dimensions (mm):
L 460
H 1865

Thermal output: up to 1127 W

Material: carbon steel

Versions: hot water, electric and mixed
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  • January 29, 2013 | manufacturers Caleido updated the product type, location of manafacture of the product Rude's passport
  • January 29, 2013 | manufacturers Caleido added the product Rude
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