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Rohol +F veneer surfaces

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Wood, for decades in use, adapt its form by individual swelling and dwindling to the respective climate relations. Open joints in different width and intensity are the result of this everlasting process. +F converts this ‘power of nature’ into design. + F veneer surfaces are delivered on the usual core materials. Veneer thicknesses range from 0,5 to 3,0 mm. The joint distances vary in an area of about 2 to 7 mm. The irregularities distinguish +F from the usual wood veneer products and underline the uniqueness of every single panel. + F veneer surfaces are produced in all standard veneers as well as in Rohol innovative veneers such as original Rough/Wave, Crack, and Brush. Depending on the deck veneer the most different surface treatments are possible. For the backside of a panel the same species of wood, but with closed joints, is used. The open joints are normally delivered with brown subsoil.
A great variety on colours (transparent, red, blue, black, green etc.) are possible on request. Panels are in standard dimensions (2800 x 2060 mm,
2560 x 1860 mm, 2500 x 1250 mm a.o.m.), with thicknesses ranging from 1,5 to 120 mm.

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