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ROCKPANEL® designs available in European fire classification A2-s1, d0
Designing modern façades with ROCKPANEL cladding boards is popular– and with the latest product innovation the safety of the ROCKPANEL product range will be further enhanced. ROCKPANEL launched cladding boards manufactured to the new ‘FS-Xtra’ grade, which complies with European fire classification level A2-s1, d0. Designers and building owners can continue to benefit from the inspiring ROCKPANEL range even in the most challenging locations where fire safety and performance requirements are particularly demanding. Façade boards with such a broad design range were, until now, unavailable on the European market in a non-combustible grade*.
ROCKPANEL cladding panels have been available until now in ‘Durable’ grade, for standard cladding applications on façades and roof edges, and ‘Xtreme’ grade, for areas where greater strength is required, for instance to withstand higher wind loadings or impact resistance. Now complemented by the new ‘FS-Xtra’ grade, the ROCKPANEL range offers building engineers and constructors unrestricted design freedom for any application and façade area.
Complete design range for any building
The wide choice of RAL/NCS colours and designs offered by ROCKPANEL cladding panels ensured that they were already one of the most sought-after design elements for all-over façade cladding and very effective in accentuating individual building components. In future, they can also make a greater contribution towards reducing fire risk as the new ‘FS-Xtra’ grade further improves the product’s inherent fire safety characteristics. Available in the new non-combustible grade* are the colourful ‘Rockclad’ range; the extravagant ‘Chameleon’ range with crystal-effect coating; the elegant ‘Woods’ range; and the modern ‘Metallics’ design range. To comply with the European Fire Classification the boards should be fastened mechanically to an aluminium substructure.
Simple to process, proven to be environmentally friendly
ROCKPANEL cladding boards – in either ‘Durable’, ‘Xtreme’ or the new ‘FS-Xtra’ finish –bring together the benefits of the materials stone and wood: as weather-resistant as stone, they can be easily processed on the building site with standard tools just like wood. They can be curved and shaped on site without special factory based procedures and thanks to their evenly coloured surfaces, they can be installed on site irrespective of direction thus minimising risk and errors. ROCKPANEL cladding panels are also recommended for environmentally responsible decision-makers because they have achieved the highest scores from the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and therefore have been proved to offer guaranteed environmental performance.
* can be classified as non-combustible according to national building regulations
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