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Quinta Storica

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Their special and unique creation method is carried out as a function of the application of those structures towards the landscape.
Their indestructible form is ensured by reticular facades, which allow a quick and precise pruning without altering their original form.
This patented system provides huge advantages with regards to the economical point of view as well as regarding preparation and management. Moreover, thanks to their simple use, they are also employed to solve specific problems presenting extreme intervention difficulties, such as the need of fences that are nearly indestructible.
The green fence can be made with different types of creeper plants based on climatic context and needs.

The Quinte Storiche include sensors and detectors that can be connected to an anti-intrusion system; this guarantees safety for those who use the garden and for the vaporizers connected to systems against illnesses and insects.

The product the fence is made with consists of two reticular walls that are separated from the compound panel and fastened on a supportive structure, a layer of creeper plants of different kinds planted
in a container and including automatic irrigation and lighting system, monitoring anti-intrusion and CCTV systems

Particularly indicated to create classical scenic designs, to mark spaces and hide unwanted glimpses. It can represent a real bordering wall or become an external supporting wall for gazebos, changing rooms, etc.

Yearly pruning, simplified by the mask that controls the cut, is recommended; also a preventive periodic check, in order to make sure the automatic control systems work properly.

For info and costs please write to:
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