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Piazzetta P 937 Wood Pellet Burning Stove

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This appliance features original contours in a celebration of aesthetic minimalism. The option of a top, side or rear flue gas outlet and the possibility of a side forced ventilation outlet allow the appliance to be installed practically anywhere.

Multifuoco System®
Four speed forced ventilation system.
Warm air ducting up to 16 m

Dual Power System
Two independent fans to get different temperatures in separate rooms

Multifunction remote control
LCD display, timer, thermostat and Multicomfort function

Daily, weekly and weekend modes. Dual time settings.

Remote Control System
Optional kit for remote control of stove with a simple SMS

Enamelled steel with door, brazier and firebox in cast iron

Majolica cladding
Unique large hand-made pieces

Air Glass System
Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C

Energy Saving
Quick and easy maintenance, removable ash drawer

Humidifier with aroma diffuser

Eco function
Automatic power control of the fire

Pellet Level Sensor
Allows to monitor the amount of pellet in the hopper, displaying an alert when refilling is required.


Rated heat output (min-max) kW 3,5 - 11,0
Power adjustable (positions) 5
Nominal thermal efficiency % 89,2
Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) Kg/h 0,8 - 2,4
WxDxH cm 88x45x120

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