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After B-Ace and Zen, Juventa decided to start a new co-operation with Peter Monden. “Pimp my office” is the thought he kept in mind when designing the new management office for Juventa. The new program is completely different from anything he has developed previously.

Ox is the name. Ox is different, refreshing and young, powerful and dynamic. Ox referring to the mammal., an example of persistence. OX: an elongated X embraced by an O, both in different materials. Ox is powerful by its material use: base in solid veneered solid wood, top in HPL.

Extremely strong and powerful materials with a unique radiation. Ox is dynamic through its form: organic rounded shapes crisscross each other. Fluent, without corners, almost seamless. Ox is young through its radiation. The desk is the perfect setting for an ambitious and design sensitive manager.

Science Fiction in the Office

A complete collection: desk, set of drawers, conference tables and closets (under construction). All within the same design. Legs and top in a dark oak finish, contrasting with the white HPL top.
Closets are without handles, finished in the same materials.

A collection for the progressive manager in an online multimedia business world where mobile phones, email, video conferencing and social networking are indispensable. Charge Smartphone, easy plugging in and out of laptop. Entering the office, checking mails, updating data and on to the next meeting. Ox is different, refreshing and young, powerful and dynamic

OX – “Managing the Future” by Peter Monden for Juventa | Office.

OX – A new design by Peter Monden. Devise: “Managing the Future”

After B-Ace and Zen, Peter also designed the 4th concept. A completely different approach in design and material usage. B-Ace and Zen were the foundations for the market entry in the commercial market . Both programs are very successful thanks to the timeless design, flexibility and quality

In 2005, exactly 6 years ago, Juventa offered Peter Monden the chance as a young designer to show his strength to the public. Juventa was already well-known in the residential design market. But within the company, Luc Vannevel had this dormant thought of proving himself and the company on the commercial market. The ambition could only be realized by developing management office desks and anything linked to that. Juventa | office became a new player on the market, and the match between Peter Monden as a young designer and Luc vannevel was perfect. One line was not enough, B-Ace and Zen were introduced together. And completed with matching conference tables, and a complete collection of closets. B-Ace and Zen are still 2 very successful collections.

Peter graduated in 1998 in Antwerp as interior architect. During his years of studying, he developed his passion for furniture design. His designs were generated form by a thorough knowledge of materials and technological intelligence.

He started his career in a famous Belgian interior design company and then moved on as a designer for the commercial market.

In 2004 he started his independent professional career as an interior architect and founded Project Atelier in 2006, a company that specializes in offering complete furbished concepts for offices.

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