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O.novo and Frame to Frame are part of the new 360° Projects concept that Villeroy & Boch has resolutely adapted to the professional practice and needs of planners, archi-tects and investors. The holistic 360° Projects concept is oriented directly around the needs and wishes of these target groups – from communication to the portfolio to ser-vice. The entry-level area of the four-tiered 360° concept – characterized with the name “Orange” – is where the two new developments for ISH, O.novo and Frame to Frame, along with the highlight, O.novo Style, can be found (see illustration).

O.novo – that is the name of the collection with which Villeroy & Boch is revolutioniz-ing its range of products for the bathroom: well-thought-out, individual and with sur-prising special solutions such as exclusive décors that are offered in the entry-level seg-ment. Produced in proven Villeroy & Boch-brand quality, O.novo entails an enormous selection of product types and sizes, decorated wash stands and wellness products. Thanks to their contemporary design combining clear lines with symmetrical, oval inner forms, this series, together with
the program of Frame to Frame furniture to go along with it, permits inexpensive and yet appealing bathroom designs for every room situa-tion – not just for high-end property applications but in the private construction and renovation areas as well.

O.novo – convincing arguments for all project requirements

O.novo includes standard, compact and special products for barrier-free layouts, along with added elements such as urinals or ceramic shower trays in white alpine, and if the customer wishes with easy-care ceramicplus finish. The WCs deliver optimal flush ac-tion with just 3.0 liters or not more than 4.5 liters of water – a competitive edge that in the high-end property area delivers valuable points for international LEED certification for buildings. Thanks to an innovative hidden fitting, the floor-mounted WCs and bidets can be replaced particularly quickly, and in the case of renovation work very simply, without additional drilling. And the fitting is covered and provides an attractive look. Special assembly nuts make the job of mounting the flush tank a particularly quick one. The WC seats are optionally available with the Soft Closing function and fit all of the WCs in the series – including the compact models, which thus also offer the same seat-ing comfort.

Rounding out O.novo is a wide selection of bathtubs and shower trays, available in a variety of forms, sizes and materials. With a depth of just 30 cm, the classically elegant O.novo green bathtub is particularly environmentally friendly thanks to its reduced wa-ter consumption – and climbing into the tub is effortless, too. The matching shower tray, in steel, is just 6.5 cm deep, making it well-suited for various installation options. There are also bathtubs and shower trays offered in high-quality acrylic, in contemporary de-signs and with a high level of convenience of use.
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