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Niche Door

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The ultimate in design and functionality is offered by Lindner’s newly developed niche door. The open door flushes with the wall, so that the maximum passage width is maintained in the hallway and primarily characterizes the door’s exclusivity.

Because of the possible band adjustment of the door in the closed state, the niche door of Lindner Group believes in the simple and quick installation.

Moreover the niche door complies with the fire resistance class T30. The safety concept of quality door by smoke and noise is complemented with small dimensions and joint width. Without wasting space, wall niches are used wisely to combine a sense of openness with the necessary requirements of escape routes.

Functional Space Savers
Having very little space available and in order to prevent escape routes getting blocked, the doors almost have to disappear, which is why the Lindner niche doors are irreplaceable. In addition to the layout the niche door also provides protection through various versions with options such as sound insulation, intrusion prevention and radiation protection. In particular, the design as a fire door T30
gives sense of security. Also, a successful design is contributed by the simple installation, adjusting strap when closed.

The technical details make a convincing overall concept, so the high-quality niche Lindner door is not only visually enriching.

Opening up new opportunities in areas that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with normal doors, the new door system of the Lindner Group meets your needs, depending on requirements. Preservation of maximum passage width is guaranteed by the flush mounted wall connections. Especially in corridors the niche door helps not only to separate different parts, but also to preserve the openness and possibilities of space.
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