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New complete heating and cooling ceiling system

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At the ISH in Frankfurt, Zehnder will be unveiling its new complete heating and cooling ceiling system, an extremely customer-friendly one-stop solution for heating and cooling industrial and commercial buildings. Customers can now order a fully suspended heating and cooling ceiling directly from Zehnder in a variety of versions. The service does not just include consultation and planning but also full installation and project support, right through to final technical acceptance.

All-round service from initial consultation right through to final acceptance – the new Zehnder heating and cooling ceiling systems specially designed for office environments combine maximum customer service with the highest levels of efficiency. These custom-made suspended ceilings provide the highest degree of comfort and offer huge energy saving potential thanks to the radiation principle used. On top of that, their attractive design enables them to blend perfectly into the desired room concept. For the first time ever, Zehnder is now able to supply the complete ceiling system rather than just the corresponding heating and cooling ceiling elements.

The four new ceiling systems (available as a
clip-in system, hook-on system or lay-in system) are bound to impress with their attractive appearance. Custom-designed for a perfect fit, their dimensions are perfectly matched to the shape and size of the room. The substructure of the clip-in and hook-on systems is completely hidden once the installation work is finished. Subsequent installation work – such as laying additional IT cables or overhauling the heat distribution system - can be carried out quickly and easily since the individual elements are easy to open up, making the ceiling void especially quick to access. The fourth design takes the form of a modular grid ceiling.

This version makes it particularly easy for modifications to be made to the floor plans of open-plan offices, since partitions can be repositioned without much effort or expense.
The new suspended ceiling system stands out in all of the available designs thanks to its high heating and cooling output, extremely low weight and customisable colour scheme. The heating and cooling ceilings are also available with perforations for acoustic absorption. This offers an effective way to reduce sound reverberation, particularly in larger office complexes.

With Zehnder heating and cooling ceilings, it is not just the products themselves that are innovative – for the first time ever, an all-round service can be included as part of the system on request. The service package includes all steps from consultation, planning, dimensioning, production, delivery and installation right through to technical acceptance and a functional test based on thermography. An added bonus for the customer is the fact that there is a personal Zehnder contact available at all times for the entire project.

Furthermore, combining all the individual implementation steps in this way ensures a high degree of planning dependability and cost transparency. It is also the key to achieving an extremely smooth and time-efficient construction process.
The new heating and cooling ceilings offer a one-stop custom solution and represent a genuine innovation in the field of office temperature control by offering the very highest levels of customer service and energy efficiency.
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