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Nafir light

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Nafir is the first lamp that Karim Rashid has designed for Axo Light.

The designer sketched it while thinking of light as a complement to music, imagining a fluid surface pulled upwards in several places: the three-dimensional handling of the surface, little by little, took shape and began its transformation into an object that resembles a trumpet.

Nafir is made of white injection moulded plastic and is available in three different colours: chrome exterior/white interior, white exterior/gold interior and white exterior/white interior. The canopies are made of the same material as the lamp and with the same colours and finishes.

The light source is GU10 LED, which guarantees excellent performance levels in terms of energy savings and is readily available

in shops.

Before winning the Good Design Award, Nafir was nominated Best of Year 2012 Honoree by the US magazine Interior Design and was finalist at the Spark Design Award 2012, organized by Spark, the community of designers and creative people that every year select and award those products that can make significant changes in the world.

Asparkling start for a products that was brought to life in October 2012.

Axo Light’s Nafir lamp has won the Good Design Award 2012, once again confirming the companies’ role in the international design scene. The Good Design Award, organized by the Chicago Athenaeum, is a well-known and much appreciated international award that guarantees the excellence of a product’s quality and design.
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