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MOSO Bamboo Industriale

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MOSO Bamboo Industriale is a robust, modern looking industrial floor made from short strips of the sustainable giant MOSO bamboo species. The floor consists of one layer of solid bamboo strips, which are bundled into a block using tape (no glue is used in the product itself!), creating the industrial look. After sanding off this tape, the floor is filled and finished, and directly glued onto the subfloor, creating a solid, stable and very robust floor very suitable for floor heating.
MOSO Bamboo Industriale is available in various sizes, colours (natural, caramel, chocolate) & styles (vertical, density) to provide a tailor made solution for everyone.
Key characteristics of MOSO Bamboo Industriale:

•Sustainable, ecological and highly renewable | The giant bamboo species MOSO grows to maturity within 5 years (compared to over 50 years for most hardwood species) and can therefore act as the green alternative for scarce tropical hardwood
•Hard, stable & durable | with a hardness, density and dimensional stability similar or better than good quality hardwoods, Bamboo Industriale may be effortlessly applied
in heavy duty residential and commercial projects. The hardness of the high density version (9,5 kg/mm2 Brinell) is even superior to the hardest tropical hardwood species.
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