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The Monroe sofa is aesthetic versatility and structural coherence. Its modular structure makes it possible to
have either a classic horizontal sofa or a corner sofa to close a space and make it more intimate. The modules
are presented in different sizes, with well-studied proportions, as indeed are the cushions. Monroe achieves a
more traditional and domestic look with the option of a cover which includes a skirt to cover the legs. The multiposition reclining seatback
sets this model apart. From horizontal to vertical it is designed to achieve maximum user comfort, thanks
to a mechanism hidden in the back support cushion. Its undeniable comfort is due to the choice of quality materials. The wooden structure
is coated with polyurethane and covered with a protective fabric, back supports are made from natural down
and Air Fibre and the seats contain thick foam of differing densities also covered with natural down and Air
Fibre. All the covers are fully removable allowing full care and easy fabric cleaning. In all versions the customer can choose the finish of
legs - oven baked paint, chrome-plated or nickel-plated - to suit any surroundings.
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