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13-Dec-2012 Banker Wire’s M44-2 woven wire mesh is a contemporary, high-definition weave with a 4.5-inch square repeat pattern. The M44-2 metal mesh features groups of four wires that intersect in a plaid-like pattern. Banker Wire’s precision weaving ensures that the pattern is properly aligned for a beautifully consistent appearance over large areas. It offers a 77.4 percent open area, easily integrating into a variety of design plans.

M44-2 is an amazingly versatile woven wire mesh pattern, recently specified for use in parking garage partitions, space dividers, furniture cladding and more. This weave is a lock crimp pattern. Lock crimps are characterized by straight sections of wire connected by a well-defined “bump” at their intersections. Thanks to these strong connection points, the pattern offers strength and stability to a variety of exterior and interior applications.

M44-2 is available in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, mild steel, pre-galvanized, stainless steel or Galfan® wire. Typical secondary finishes applied to wire mesh include powder coat, black oxide, anodizing, plating, pickling and many other copper-based alloy finishes.
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