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Luna Topos

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An open, flexible Paneel-cupboard wall forms the focal point and integrates perfectly within the kitchen. From it grows, seemingly suspended – the solid kitchen block. Living and working are closely related, the kitchen blends in seamlessly and almost imperceptibly with the living area. The wall design system PANEEL 40 meets all requirements with its integrated bench seat, shelves, lighting panels with atmospheric room lighting and shallow wall units with sliding doors, visually providing the perfect complement for the room. The directly adjoining tall units contain the necessary kitchen functions: refrigerating and baking. They do not have an upper panel cover and thus appear lighter and more open. The kitchen block extends the kitchen into the room, dividing and connecting at the same time. It is “entwined” with the bench seat in order to generally loosen the appearance.

The combination of two new LEICHT programmes emphasises the opportunity for architectonic planning. The glossy acrylic fronts of the new LUNA kitchen were used for the cupboard wall. They are particularly enhanced by their strong brilliance of the radiant white tone and also through their exceptional surface quality. Apart from “frosty white”, the new acrylic front is also available in “magnolia” and “black”. For effect, the kitchen block from the new programme TOPOS provides not only a visual but also haptic contrast.

The stained and brushed oak veneer front appears particularly lively through its distinctive graining and natural unevenness, and feels like that to the touch. The colour “texture-rich barrique” is distinguished through a shade of grey that is reminiscent of old weather-worn wood, through its striking graining and the noticeably visible pore. Thus they form a particularly beautiful and strong contrast to the brilliant white fronts of the LUNA.

The side panels and the sophisticated worktop of quartz material in a new graphite colour, with slight glimmer effects, merge with the oak fronts. The TOPOS is also available in “texture-rich barrique” in a lighter natural tone, always available with matching surround accessories.
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