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Liquid Glass

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Liquid glass surrounds each individual filament within the fibre with an invisible, anti-bonding coating. This protective layer of flexible, “pure glass” ensures that soiling agents are unable to adhere to the surface.

Moist soiling agents are not absorbed by the fibres; water, coffee, and red wine simply roll off treated textiles. Any liquids which pool on the surface of the fabric are easily removed from the textile simply by dabbing the surface with an absorbent cloth. Product Properties
- No negative influence on the “look”, colour or texture of the fibre
- Long-lasting and heat tolerant     -150C to +450C
- Enormous scouring resistance, durable and withstands abrasion.
- Simple application process easy to apply via DIY spray or dipping
- Odourless
- Short drying time
- High efficiency -resists acid, alkali, and solvents.
- Particle free (no dangerous nano particles)
- Non-corrosive and non-irritating ( cell neutral /suitable for in-vivo application)
- Protection from all soiling
- Breathable ( allows diffusion) non-hazardous and skin-friendly
- Ecologically sound, ultra low carbon footprint
- Washable up to 60 °C
- ready to use
- Alsa available in a Anti- microbial & bacterial variety.
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