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ipatherm - heatable glass

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Heatable glass - our warmest recommendation

Enjoying winter landscapes outdoors -
without relinquishing one’s cosy home
comforts indoors
In rooms with large areas of glazing ipatherm heatable
glass from Interpane ensures a warm, snug atmosphere all
year round. This innovative, invisible, and space-saving
heating solution for roof structures, office buildings, conservatories,
etc. offers - even on very cold days - a steady
radiant warmth. ipatherm heatable glass can be installed
at a very reasonable cost, either vertically or horizontally
overhead; it is easy to regulate, and comes in numerous
variants with different functions and frame materials.

Healthy advantages
ipatherm heatable glass is made from high-quality laminated
safety glass. Its radiant warmth ensures that the air inside remains
calm, free of dust and other allergenic substances, with a pleasant
oxygen and moisture content - a healthy indoor climate.
A wide variety of applications
ipatherm heatable glass reduces - or even altogether avoids -
condensation, icing-up, and excessive snow loads, e.g. in buildings
without conventional heating, in vehicle construction and ship
building, in both old and new buildings, offices, hotels, canteen
kitchens, and hospitals, glass-built extensions, conservatories, winter
gardens, etc.
Quick and easy to install
ipatherm heatable glass is completely unobtrusive and inconspicuous;
it can
also be retrofitted - just like conventional insulating
glass. The only prerequisite is that there must be a power source
available. ipatherm heatable glass can be easily combined with
many different types of glazing and with a wide variety of frame
materials and power regulation systems.
Strength and reliability
ipatherm heatable glass, regulated by means of standard commercially
available thermostats, has high resistance to temperature
fluctuation and heat stress and has good compression and
flexural strength. It provides quick-acting heating and is suitable
for continuous temperatures of up to around 60 °C. The electrical
power output is between 20 and 800 W/m² and in certain
circumstances even higher.

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